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A mission to see people read the Bible,
believe what they read, and respond in obedience.

Do you have a vision to reach people for Christ? For a few dollars per person, you can give them the gift of a lifetime. Are there any wiser, richer, or truer words than what is contained in the Bible? Why not give the best of the best to reach people for Christ?

You can order one Bible, ten Bibles, or container loads of Bibles. If your church wants to reach people in your city for Christ, please tell them about this opportunity. If enough people get behind the project, or if a few large donors decide to help, producing a container load of Bibles for your city, in your language of choice, is a real possibility. 

Example of an imitation leather Bible

Bibles as pictured above (in any color) can cost as little as $4.85 per Bible, and high-quality ecologicalfiber Bibles can cost as little as $1.75 per Bible. In both cases, the text is printed on traditional Bible paper and the cover materials both feel nice to touch and are made to last.

Please include all relevant details when requesting a custom Bible quote: Bible version and language, size and quantity, cover and paper preferences, vision and mission for your project, and anything else you think may be pertinent. If you only need a few Bibles at this time, you can order by clicking here.

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